Green Statement

3Cs is a Green Network. The founders operate by the following statement:

We look for opportunities to reduce our energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste and impact on the natural world in everything we do – and encourage our members to do likewise.

Our combined business and household carbon footprint is 2.4teCO2e, which is 15% less than the UK average for households alone. Of this, 96% is accounted for by travel. In the long run, switching to an electric car could eliminate more than half of this.

We live in a zero emissions property on a renewable electricity tariff.

We generate power from our own solar panels for both hot water and lighting and export surplus electricity to the national grid.

We operate our businesses and charities from home.

We optimise our travel and transport to avoid unnecessary trips, and prioritise public transport where appropriate.

We are aware of relevant environmental legislation and comply appropriately.

We encourage our business partners and our networking venues to adopt green practices if they have not already done so.

We accept our wider environmental, social and ethical responsibilities and are actively involved in charitable activities including those serviced by

In our networking meetings:

  • we do not print tickets, receipts or invoices
  • we source refreshments from socially aware, local, ethical outlets
  • we recycle wrappings
  • we avoid single use plastics
  • we meet locally to avoid the need for extensive travel
  • we ask our 3Cs Networking members to prepare their own environmental policy statements and to commit to at least one substantial impact reduction action upon joining.

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3CS Netowrking

We are a group of experienced & successful networkers. Our aim is help you find good CONTACTS, make good CONNECTIONS and develop profitable CUSTOMERS.


3Cs offer free membership to local chosen charities or good causes.

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