Membership Application

A request for membership will be considered after a business has attended at least two meetings in Bassetlaw.

Our goal at 3Cs is to form a proactive group of businesses who can trust each other’s products and services and work positively together. Being a member on this site does not mean we endorse the company or any work they may undertake.

Please read the information on the following page before committing to membership.

Applying for membership:

Any information you provide will be held by 3Cs in a secure digital vault and will not be passed on to any third parties without your implicit or explicit permission.

Please complete the online form at (paper forms are available). If your application is successful you will be provided with the payment details*.

*3Cs reserves the right not to accept a membership application


  • In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 3Cs may like to keep you informed of future activities. All data will be removed from our systems 12 months from the end of your membership or on request. Please tick the appropriate boxes.
  • In case it is necessary to make a last-minute change, for example, a venue needing to close at short notice, please indicate which form of communication will reach you most effectively at short notice:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Members agree to pay a subscription of £50 for a six-month period for one group. If it is appropriate for membership in two groups the cost will be an additional £25.


The start date of the membership will be the date of payment. At the end of the six-month period your membership will automatically renew. You will be given notice before any renewal.

Additional charges may also apply at meetings in respect of venue/refreshments. We will endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum but please recognise that the venues are also our members and local businesses which we aim to support. If you elect to attend in-person but are unable to attend then you must cancel 24 hrs before, send a replacement or agree to pay the venue fee direct which currently is £7. The venue will have bought stock and paid for employees so cannot be out of pocket or this may effect our standing in their eyes.


A minimum attendance of 80% is recommended to ensure your business will gain full benefit from your membership. If attendance falls below 60% it may be questionable that membership can continue (unless in exceptional circumstances). Frequent attendance builds rapport and trust within the group, and maximises your business exposure. Stand-ins are encouraged and welcomed, they may also promote any business of their own as long as they do not conflict with other member’s services. Promotion 3Cs Networking will endeavour to energetically support and promote your business, and we encourage your reciprocation. We have a presence on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. We have a Facebook Page where we will share regular posts from members. We have private Facebook Groups for member interaction. We are happy for you to request that we share a post that is of particular importance to your business. If you have no social media presence it will effect our ability to promote you but we will do our best. We encourage Facebook and/or Google reviews following a successful use of a service or product from another group member or the business network.


Your profile and contact will appear on our website using material provided by yourself. Wherever possible members will be expected to share skills to demonstrate expertise. Sharing good contacts will lead to the overall success of the group. If any member has concerns about another members capability they should discuss it with one of 3Cs founders providing evidence of said incapability.


It is our goal to try and provide new guests around the table at meetings. Therefore we cannot guarantee you a place at an in-person meeting and will expect that you register for each meeting at your earliest convenience without prompting from us. You are also encouraged to invite guests to the group and to use the Eventbrite link. Contacts can also be passed to an event organiser who may have a better overview of available sectors, and will invite on your behalf. Guests should not offer the same or very similar services as current members. On rare occasions guests do not fully declare business interests and an overlap of sector may occur. We apologise for this and will endeavour not to invite them again.

3CS Netowrking

We are a group of experienced & successful networkers. Our aim is help you find good CONTACTS, make good CONNECTIONS and develop profitable CUSTOMERS.


3Cs offer free membership to local chosen charities or good causes.

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